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Equipment Reviews



Nikon and Canon Camera Lineups
Tripping the light fantastic - a completely unprofessional review of the Phottix Stratos II Phottox Stratos
FLM CP30-L3s Tripod Review FLM_CP30-L3s
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FLM CP26-S4S Review - Pint Sized Stability FLM_CP26-S4s

FLM CB38-FTR Ballhead Review -

The All-Rounder

Sirui M3204x Tripod Review - A Value For Money Proposition Sirui_M3204x
Sirui S-2204-N Travel Tripod Review - A Tripod For The Suitcase Sirui_S-2204-N
Sirui R-2204 Carbon Fibre Tripod Review - Quality Pared Down Basics Sirui R-2204
Sirui G20Kx Ballhead Review - Midget Power  
BlackRapid BackPack Strap Review  
Trigger Trap Review - The Clever Cable Release triggertrap