Below are a few sites of friends and colleagues working in and around South Africa as photographers. Paul Greenway is a professional photojournalist based in Grahamstown. His work appears in magazines around the country. He also lectures photojournalism at Rhodes University. Paul and Emil work closely together as workshop partners. Christopher Scott is a professional Photographer and journalist working in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya.Tim Matthis worked as a professional game guide and photographer before starting his own IT business based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Dr Neil Overy is a professional photographer based in Grahamstown and produces work for a number of stock libraries.

Paul Greenway -

Chris Scott -

Tim Matthis -

Dr Neil Overy -

Smart Art Agencies is a local art gallery in durban where some of my work is periodically displayed. Their site can visited by clicking on the link.

I would highly recommend Nature Photographers Network for anyone wanting to become more involved in learning photography. Occasionally I take part in the forums and galleries and have certainly learnt from others who do the same.

I am member of the International Environmental Photograophers Association which focuses it's attention on using powerful and evocative imagery to change people's mindsets towards the enviornment for the better.

A couple of the workshop attendees that I have had are either professional photographers or are very eager amateurs. Their work can be viewed at these sites:

Sean Tilden -

Ray Kimbrough -

Samual Burrows -

Sam Lee -