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Protec Voices

In 2016, while working with Tongaat Huletts and its education extension programme, Limephoto was asked to put together a series of images for the non-profit education group, Protec. This incredible programme finds secondary school students in rural and township schools. Protec then and gives selected students the support that they simply do not get in the underfunded and understaffed schools that they find themselves in.

The intervention programme that Protec undertakes, teaches students Saturday school. The result is a literal turnaround of the students marks and lives. From barely managing to pass, students manage to achieve university passes, bursaries and more. In the words of previous beneficiaries, it literally changes lives.

Limephoto was tasked to visit and create a series of portraits that could be used both for a limited edition book as well as large format posters. We visited students still in school, hose who were now further in university and those who had completed their studies and are now working as engineers, doctors, teachers and scientists. The goal of the images was to get funders to look into the eyes of the individual students and hear their stories (to this effect, video interviews were part of the brief). The hope is that hearing from the actual beneficiaries themselves, funders would be more open to continue assisting the completely donor funded Protec.